- - Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Not since the times of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun and Adolf Hitler have we seen a movement like the Islamic State take over a country to enslave a people to an ideology.

The Islamic State’s unwritten motto is “Join us or die.” The world stands by in its ineptness, watching the slaughter, motionless. An estimated 6 million Jews were led to the gas chambers and burned in the ovens because the world stood by and let it happen. The United States wasn’t around to defend against the tyrants of old, but they did pick up the gauntlet to fight and defeat Hitler.

Now we are confronted with a force that wants to annihilate us. What does our president do? He doesn’t unite a coalition of countries to fight. He doesn’t organize a tactical military assault to confine and destroy the enemy in one fell swoop. Instead, he uses the excuse that we will help on a humanitarian basis, doing pinprick attacks. This is the most despicable action ever taken by the United States.

The blood of thousands, including women and children, are on President Obama’s hands as a result of his indecisiveness and reluctance to accept responsibility for not leaving a small military presence in Iraq to deter outsiders and anarchists from within.

Mr. Obama, the great deceiver, ran out of Iraq like a dog with his tail between his legs, using the excuse that the Iraqi government wouldn’t allow him to leave a small force. We fought and died for that country to be free. In essence we owned it, but Mr. Obama wanted to look like a hero for bringing the war to an end. So now we are put back in harm’s way, thanks to his ego.


Warrenville, S.C.



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