- The Washington Times - Monday, August 25, 2014

Liberal columnist Maureen Dowd stepped away from her normally supportive stance of the president to question Mr. Obama’s recent and frequent golfing trips and paint him as hiding from his responsibilities.

In a column titled “The Golf Address,” a parody of the Gettysburg Address, Ms. Dowd opined, “FORE! Score? And seven trillion rounds ago.”

She then writes as if Mr. Obama is speaking: “I know it doesn’t look good to have pictures of me grinning in a golf car juxtaposed with ones of James Foley’s parents crying, and a distraught David Cameron rushing back from his vacation after only one day, and the Pentagon news conference with Chuck Hagel and General Dempsey on the failed mission to rescue the hostages in Syria. We’re stuck in the rough, going to war all over again in Iraq and maybe striking Syria.”

Ms. Dowd then paints him as expressing the view that the world crises are giving him more gray hairs.

“But my cool golf caps cover them,” she wrote, adopting Mr. Obama’s views. “If only I could just play through the rest of my presidency.”

Ms. Dowd’s column comes as many from both sides of the political aisle are wondering why the president is keeping to his golf schedule despite the rising crises in Ferguson and Iraq, and at other spots around the nation and world. GolfCounter.com reports that Mr. Obama’s played 192 times since becoming president — enough to earn him his own hashtag, #golftus, Newsmax reported.



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