- - Monday, December 1, 2014

It’s a steady drumbeat in the news today: War on Women, War on Blacks,
War on Terror, War on Science, War on Cancer, War on Gays, War on Poverty, War on Drugs, War on Minorities, War on Christmas, War on Want, etc. … Both sides of the isle throw around the word “war” so much that it’s losing its deadly, tragic meaning.

However, when you boil it all down, we are in the middle of a war and not just on Islamic State. It’s the war to end our culture, economy and freedoms; we are in the midst of the “War on America”!

In the streets, on the web, in the theaters and TV screens, in government agencies and behind the shadows, there are boots on the ground and casualties all around us.

The Ten Commandments in the courthouse square is being removed, Christmas songs celebrating the birth of Christ sung in public schools are all but gone, and our right to speak out without fear of losing our jobs or reputation is on it’s last legs. Taxation and regulations are unrestrained and our children, their future and the American way of life are all in the crosshairs in this war.

The courts are used as the tip of the spear, and instead of Lady Justice being our protector, her blindfolds have replaced by blinders. She no longer serves the people, but the ever-expanding, out-of-control government.

Even more frustrating is the cowardly, defensive response Republicans give when accused of waging a “War on (insert cause here).” Niccolo Machiavelli, the Hegelian Dialectic, the Cloward-Pivan Strategy, Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals and more have all described how to attack and destroy political enemies. The left inhales these strategies while those on the right continue to fall victim to them. The leaders of the right worry more about their popularity in the media than they do the soul of our nation. They ignore the left’s rules in the War on America at the expense of our freedoms today and the selling of our rights in the future.

We are facing the most historic battle ever and we must now go on the offensive.

There’s no need for guns, bombs or blood. Unlike the past two presidents who couldn’t muster the words “War on Radical Islam,” we cannot be afraid to define and fight this War on America. The destruction of this great republic is at hand.

President Obama’s disregard of law is resonating across the land. The French Revolution was waged to make the king, law. The American Revolutionary War was fought to make the peoples’ law, King.

Many, such as my own father, have fought and died to purchase our freedom and fight for our way of life. It’s time that this generation of Americans pick up the mantel and defend the greatness of our country. We cannot not allow this disintegration of our nation — not now, not ever!

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