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NEW YORK — Weeks away from reaping consequences of the past November election bloodbath, President Obama and tone-deaf partisans signal they may do what they can to tip power away from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in national elections that will be held inside Israel on March 17, 2015.

Israel-bashing, popular for years across Europe, suddenly seems all the rage in Washington, D.C. and even here in parts of New York, where the United Nations likely will consider initiatives that could strengthen the hands of Palestinian elements and constrain Israel’s negotiating position.

A Dangerous Precedent

Do Americans care whether the Obama administration forces an awful peace upon the people of Israel?

Judging from our reaction to the astoundingly naive and one-sided retreat before the intolerant, intransigent, and thuggish Iranian regime that steams ahead rapidly, the answer seems as clear as it is sad — probably not.

Is it sensible, on any level, for America to intervene in a foreign election such as the one coming soon across Israel, in hope of ushering in a new leadership that might more readily bend to Obama administration directives, however misguided they may prove to be?

Certainly not — imagine when the shoe falls on the other foot. America’s finances and foreign standing have been withering on the vine since before Jan. 20, 2009. At some stage, and possibly as soon as 2016, foreign parties may emulate the Obama administration and work actively to influence election results inside this country.

As Mr. Obama and his not even “junior varsity” level team of foreign policy experts consider America’s true interests with regard to Israel, will they accept how poorly “regime change” initiatives already have fared in places such as Egypt, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan?

Whatever happens next in Israel, will rising nations that have much to gain from meddling inside American politics start setting a new, even more deplorable set of standards purchasing influence among, politicians, academics, journalists, and other “thought-leaders”?

Of course foreign groups will intervene — the American people will be hurt and the only ones to “gain” will be cronies and other corrupt members of the political class.

Defending Integrity

With so many responsibilities to juggle, national leaders can lose sight of proper priorities. Chief among many laudable goals must be protecting the territorial integrity of your country.

A leader such as Mr. Obama, who almost from Inauguration Day 2009 has embraced an open borders policy when it comes to America certainly will have difficulty appreciating Israel’s dangerous plight when it comes to protecting her territorial integrity.

Watching soaring crime rates and violence spreading through America’s sanctuary cities, we should already know how dangerous it becomes when a rich nation such as ours leaves borders poorly defended.

So far, Mexican gangs and others wishing America harm have not yet sent tens of thousands of missiles over our southern border upon our citizens and visitors.

A different reality presents itself in Israel — do Mr. Obama and the appeasement wing of the Democrat Party truly expect any group of Israeli politicians to reward and give in to criminal and terrorist elements that surely intend to erase the state of Israel from the face of the earth?

Cowardly Lying

For Mr. Obama and his followers, truth seems to be a relative concept—this we see plainly watching scandals large and small play out in far too many places.

“Success” according to Mr. Obama is seen in runaway debt and deficits, declining incomes (measured after taxes and after factoring in the costs of consumer price inflation), and spreading insecurity.

There is a significantly larger danger giving free reign to President Obama everywhere he wishes to spread his influence.

First laid bare in his Cairo speech on June 4, 2009. the Obama doctrine seems to be that no election result is legitimate unless he determines that it reflects the will of the electorate.

This cocksure ignorance is dangerous enough when it applies inside America—here, it is flatly wrong, it is unconstitutional, and it is rich grist for despotic governance.

But applied outside America, it is a recipe for unmitigated disasters that hurt us now and will plague our descendants, possibly for generations.

A leader such as Mr. Obama, who lies on matters large and small, with impunity and, so far, without suffering meaningful consequences is an awesome force to hold in check.

Even if our president could point to several unequivocal successes founded following his policies, leaders in allied nations such as Israel would be absolutely correct to oppose ill-conceived American initiatives foisted upon them.

Especially in the case of Israel, failure is not an option.

• Charles Ortel serves as managing director of Newport Value Partners (NewportValue.com), which provides economic research to executives and to investment firms.

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