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As his sixth year in office draws to a close, President Obama continues to add to our list of problems. Republicans in charge of Congress must unite to reverse the flawed policies, executive orders and rules and regulations that have negatively affected our economy, military, security, health care, education and personal and religious freedoms.

The debt has increased $7 trillion and is now above $18 trillion. The deficit was lower in the past year due to increased taxes, yet excessive spending continues and the debt increases. In a few years, all revenue will go for entitlements and loan interest, and more loans will be required to pay for other vital needs.

Unemployment dropped from 10 percent to 5.8 percent by excluding those no longer seeking employment. The real rate? Higher than 11 percent. More people, many from the middle class, are now living in poverty. So much for the poor moving up to the middle class and the middle class having the opportunity to acquire wealth. The reason: Mr. Obama did not focus on the economy or jobs, the primary problems when he took office. The health care system has been radically weakened, patients can’t keep the physicians or hospitals of their choice, and their treatment will be decided not by their doctors but by an unelected, unaccountable panel.

The military has been reduced drastically, and military personnel, police and border patrol have been subjected to rules of engagement that have left them defenseless. Essentially, they’ve been told not to shoot until they are shot at. Education has been transformed by liberal indoctrination and parents are left out of decision-making in curricula. Illegal immigration was encouraged and has increased, and illegal immigrants are not subject to the same laws as our citizens when they commit any crimes or wrongful acts. No immigration legislation should be considered unless Mr. Obama demonstrates by action that all laws will be enforced.

In six years, Mr. Obama has deliberately created a racial divide that has wiped out centuries of improvement by the efforts of Americans of all races, ethnicities and religious groups.


Centerville, Massachusetts

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