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Unlike those on the left, I don’t hate the Bush family. The name Bush doesn’t make my mouth foam like a rabid dog, nor does it give me an excuse for all the ills of my life. With that being said, enough with the Bush Family already!

This idea of Bush, Clinton, Bush, (placeholder), Clinton, Bush is dangerous. The idea of “dynasties” running our country is the antithesis of what our country was founded on.

Personally, I don’t want to see another Bush or Clinton run for president again, unless it’s Bill’s younger brother Roger Clinton. At least then, we’d know there would be some sweet, kick-butt state dinners in the White House. Roger would really up the level of “party” in Democrat Party.

But no. We are being forced into a false sense of … I don’t know what, by the idea having another Clinton or Bush in the White House. This week, Jeb Bush posted on his Twitter and Facebook pages: “I am excited to announce I will actively explore the possibility of running for President of the United States.” I’m bored just cutting and pasting that announcement.

OK, I don’t really want to promote the idea that we need bigger parties in the White House. That’s the one thing President Obama’s done a fine job with. Really, who else could use Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder as their own, personal iPods.

Why are we regressing with the Bushes, Clintons or Mitt Romney for that matter. We have excellent people who could run from president without dipping back into the Bush Bunch, the Clinton Cabal, or a guy who’s been there and lost. Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Scott Walker, Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Rand Paul, Dr. Ben Carson, even Donald Trump are but a few incredible men who have accomplished something in their lives and would be excellent leaders of this great nation.

On the other hand, going back to the Bush or Clinton cronies is nothing more than looking back to a time that is best left in the past.

As I have written, we are watching the media’s attempt at “Boehnering” us. They are trying to get Republicans to nominate someone who we all know, deep down, have no chance of winning the Presidency.

Bob Dole, John McCain, Mr. Romney, Chris Christie and now Jeb Bush have all been sold to us by establishment Republicans and mainstream media as “The only man who can reach out to both sides. The only one who can win!” Meaning that someone who has clear, conservative values, can’t connect with real Americans.

Clear, solid, conservative core values are what Americans are aching for, and Mr. Bush’s record doesn’t show that. We don’t need to have the values our nation was founded on watered down. We have fallen too far, too fast for a new president to stay with the status quo or be a Democrat Lite, (as House Speaker John Boehner is doing right now).

We need a real leader, someone who is going to be straight with us and believe in the greatness of our nation and our people. We have gone far too long with out a real leader, and hopefully 2016 will bring us the right president who is right for the times.

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