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I am not — nor ever have been — a member in good standing of the Kim Jong-un Fan Club. In fact, I am pretty sure the teacup child despot inherited his father’s seat in the Axis of Evil.

I think it would be really great if everyone in the Axis of Evil were destroyed, though I do not have much faith in American politicians anymore to stick with any such plan long enough to accomplish such a monumental task. Israel, Australia and even the French will have to take the lead on that. Here in Washington, hawks go limp in the wings with the slightest breeze.

And remember when President Obama won the Democratic nomination and then the White House based entirely on his sterling anti-war credentials? And now he is juggling, what, four wars? Including the very same “wrong war” in Iraq that he made his political bones haranguing against. This doesn’t even include all the drone wars he is running in places like Yemen.

But his little war fever will soon fade, too. Long before any despots are removed but well after the hearts of people around the world are further poisoned against the USA and our mindless drones.

Anyway, back to the child Maoist in North Korea who looks like he is playing charades every time he dresses up and comes out to play and host staged photo shoots with his cigarettes and walking cane.

I know that politics should end at America’s shores, but Mr. Obama and Democrats in Congress eviscerated that precept less than one election cycle after so many of them voted to go to war in Iraq over a decade ago.

So I will just come out and say it. While I do not condone in any way North Korea’s alleged hack of Sony Corporation, I have joyously devoured every scrap and morsel of tawdry inside secrets spilled all over Hollywood Boulevard for the whole world to see.

Watching the fiends of Tinseltown squirm and shudder over all their sexist pay scales and racist emails displayed for the world to see is rich beyond words.

All the nasty back-stabbing and scurrilous rumormongering should come as no surprise from such a den of liars. But it sure is fun watching them grovel before the equally fraudulent Rev. Al Sharpton to atone for their racist sins.

And perfectly delicious has been all the finger-pointing between Hollywood and their political God — President Obama — over his failure to treat the threat more seriously, as a terroristic attack on an American company.

Not to justify the actions of any terrorist, but it is worth noting that the main reason that so many around the world so despise America is precisely because of Hollywood and the exaggerated, inflated and distorted depiction they manufacture of America.

The opulence, violence and perverted debauchery that pollutes most of the vile crap Hollywood produces is precisely why so many in the world hate us. Heck, if all they created were an accurate depiction of America, then we would all hate the place.

So they start this fight with the world. Then crumple like a cheap suit at the first threat against them. And then our brave troops — as good as anything America has to offer — have to go and clean up all their messes.

But when a movie is made celebrating the American troops and the sacrifices they make, Hollywood dismisses them with the back of their tiny, pale, limp hands. All the incestuous Hollywood award-givers may not want to give any prizes to World War II POW Louie Zamperini and “Unbroken,” the movie about his heroics based on the marvelous book of the same name by the extraordinary writer Laura Hillenbrand. And director Angelina Jolie’s depiction of the book may be terrible for all I know. (I hear she is a real head case to work with.)

But this Christmas, we should give thanks for Louie Zamperini and all the other American heroes who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. And I might even check out the movie.

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