- - Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This week, President Obama had his big race summit at the White House with tax cheat and race hustler Al Sharpton, a man who’s done nothing but make things worse in this country, and who certainly made things much worse in the current racial crisis.

It was announced that the president wants to look at the rules for police departments receiving military surplus weapons. Great. OK. We can look at that.

He also wants funding to arm every police officer with a body camera. Very expensive, but probably a lot cheaper than more race riots in our street. I think we should look at it.

But nether of those suggestions would have helped where we are today.
The “militarization” of the police force didn’t cause Michael Brown to be aggressive toward then-Police Officer Darren Wilson.

It’s doubtful that the body camera would have help either. We already have a video of “The Gentle Giant” robbing a store and attacking its owner, taken just a little while before the fateful incident with Mr. Wilson.

The looters, race baiters and the St. Louis Rams don’t seem to care that there is no forensic evidence that Michael Brown did anything like the “Hands up - Don’t Shoot” motion that’s sweeping the nation faster than the macarena.

Also this week, members of the Congressional Black Caucus made speech after speech on the floor of the House of Representatives calling for; “legislative fixes to make our country better.” As requested by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. Congressman Hakeem Jefferies of New York, who started his speech with the “Hands Up - Don’t Shoot” catch phrase, called for a “fair impartial, color blind system … that doesn’t exist for all Americans today.” And Rep. Charlie Rangel went back to the old well with talk of reparations for slavery.

Our system isn’t perfect, and nobody claims it is. But little time was given by the Congressional Black Caucus or by the president or in the newsrooms about the responsibility that needs to be taken by those who are committing crimes and threatening behavior toward our police and our citizens.

A major problem is the lack of respect this generation of young people has, regardless of color, for their elders or those in authority.

Had Michael Brown treated the police officer with the same respect as most Americans do when we’re pulled over for a simple traffic stop, Michael Brown would still be alive today.

But there is this victimhood mentality that’s all the rage today teaching that people are owed a living and a bad attitude is something to strive for, like a guest shot on the Jerry Springer Show.

In real life, we don’t get to cut to commercial when we don’t get our way and decide to throw a punch or a verbal jab. When people respect the law and those in law enforcement, deaths like Michael Brown’s aren’t as likely to happen.

Mr. Wilson swore to serve and protect. He didn’t sign up to die, because Mike Brown wanted free cigars or because leaders in the black community wanted another political cause and an additional 15 minutes of fame.

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