- - Monday, December 8, 2014

I am not sure about the rest of America, but I have had enough of Ferguson, Missouri. You can blame the recent riots across our country and the continued sensationalism of the Ferguson riot on the news media, be it TV, print or Internet, along with the Rev. Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan and their ilk. Rev. Sharpton and Mr. Farrakhan should be arrested and charged for inciting this riot; they, along with Attorney Gen. Eric Holder and a racially divisive president, continue to incite violence. We have laws on the books, but our ‘community organizer’ turned his head until the rioting was over, then convened a summit at the White House to discuss how it could have taken place.

Your average citizen understands the basics of the law. Yet it would appear that none of the people involved in these riots do, particularly with regard to the duty of a grand jury. In this case that grand jury decided not to pursue charges against Officer Darren Wilson, and that decision came after several days of evidence and case review.

In my view those riots ultimately had little to do with Michael Brown. His death seems merely to have been an excuse to start rioting and tearing down the community through stealing, looting and burning. If I were any U.S. business with a location razed in Ferguson, I would have serious reservations about rebuilding now. I would say, “If you wish to destroy your own community, you deserve the destruction you have wrought.” The rioters ruined their own economy.

Our own government continues to fester racism with its failed social programs and its belief that if you are a minority you are entitled to this and that. Yet if you say anything about these policies or the Ferguson rioting, you’re automatically labeled a ‘racist.’ Yes, that is the America of today.


Reno, Nev.

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