- - Monday, February 10, 2014


PETA regrets that a flier that was intended to be given to parents was inadvertently given to children at a California elementary school, but we are also disturbed (as parents should have been) that the school was allowing a farmer to mislead children about how cows and calves are treated on modern dairy farms (“PETA fliers handed to little kids depict cows being electrocuted,” Web, Feb. 5).

Today’s factory farms are a far cry from Old MacDonald’s farm. Cows have their horns gouged out and their tails amputated, and they are kept almost constantly pregnant for maximum milk output. Their male calves, unwanted by-products, are slaughtered.

As a parent, I know that children love animals, but they don’t always understand the connection between the animals they see in picture books and the food on their plates.

It’s not fair to children or cows when a farmer, with a cute calf in tow, is allowed to make a deceptive sales pitch to children.

Children may not be ready to take a field trip to a filthy, overcrowded factory farm and see mother cows crying in anguish as their babies are torn away from them, but at the very least they deserve not to be lied to.


The PETA Foundation

Norfolk, Va.



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