- - Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Republican members of Congress and others have commented for months that specific Obama executive orders are unconstitutional, and that the president has failed to uphold his oath to enforce all enacted laws, including Obamacare (“Executive order tyranny,” Commentary, Feb. 6).

I’m sure many conservatives are baffled as to why none of these individuals has offered up a plan of action to challenge this abuse of power, or at least an explanation for the obstacles to possible action.

Perhaps the judiciary and other lawyers could provide the necessary information to Republicans that will lead to corrective action from the GOP and put an end to President Obama’s “I am president, so I can do whatever I want” attitude.

This should be a nonpartisan fix and ought to apply to Mr. Obama and all future presidents. Our Constitution should be respected — especially by the president, who is elected to serve all of our citizens.


Centerville, Mass.



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