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A recent Fox News poll on immigration reform reports that 68 percent of Americans support a path to citizenship for illegal aliens (“Obama wants immigration issue, not solution,” Web, Jan. 24).

Having spent more than 20 years in federal law enforcement with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration, I found it mind-boggling that so many law-abiding, patriotic Americans are willing to support an issue that undermines the rule of law and support criminality associated with illegal immigration.

However, after further thought, I attribute this significantly high percentage to the bias inherent in the liberal media, deliberate distortions of the impact of illegal aliens on the economy, and improperly crafted poll questions. Most Americans think that violations of immigration law are not serious and that immigration violations are the only laws illegal aliens commit.

They are told that evasion of border controls and overstaying visas are not serious crimes. The reality is that conspiring with human smugglers to evade border controls is a felony, and lying on a visa or overstaying a visa when swearing to abide by its terms all constitute the felony of perjury.

Illegal aliens possess false identity documents or stolen identity documents, and both of these are felonies. Using these documents to obtain government benefits is another felony and, in many cases, constitutes a predicate offense for a racketeering violation.

There are numerous other federal and state criminal violations routinely committed by illegal aliens, such as income-tax evasion, wire fraud, mail fraud, welfare fraud and posing as a U.S. citizen.

The news media do not discuss the national security aspect of granting citizenship to millions of illegal aliens who possess false identity documents, which render it virtually impossible to prove their true identities and their life histories.

I fear they will be granted American citizenship with an identity not their own, based upon their false or stolen identity documents. This will allow terrorists, transnational criminals and spies to pose as asylum-seekers.

Just because one has not been caught, charged and convicted of these crimes does not mean one has not engaged in these illegal activities. If pollsters were to ask “If an alien has committed perjury, tax fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, Social Security fraud, perjury or racketeering crimes, would you support a path to citizenship?”

I doubt the majority of Americans would say yes. Then, too, Americans will continue to be prosecuted for these same crimes — crimes for which illegal aliens would be given amnesty under the Democrats’ immigration-reform bill.


Former professor, criminal justice

American Military University

Metairie, La.

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