- - Friday, February 21, 2014

It would seem that critics are easily vexed (“High rate of approval for ‘dreamers’ vexes critics of immigration reform,” Web, Feb. 16).

The current “test run” for legalization is a new version of an old Ponzi scheme: President Obama pushes illegal aliens to the top of the pyramid and all of the valued legal guests and the American taxpayer get hosed.

I consider myself a “dreamer” as well. I have always dreamed that we were a nation of laws and that violating those laws carried consequences. Little did I know that alien lawbreakers get rewards today and those law-abiding, valued legal guests get the shaft.

You might think that the NAACP or the ambulance chasers at the ACLU would be crying discrimination. After all, isn’t it “discrimination” when one group is given special treatment to the detriment of another?

The Obama administration is clearly guilty of discrimination against legal guests who have come to this country in the proper fashion and should be first in line, not last.

The gutless wonders of the GOP cower and hope that aiding and abetting this crime will win them the Hispanic vote. It won’t.

This is a bad policy that will come back to haunt every member of Congress in ways they can only imagine in a nightmare.



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