- - Monday, February 24, 2014


If history and facts have shown that persons with criminal records are more likely to commit crimes, under what sane guidelies should a business ignore such warnings in the name of equality (“Some members of civil-rights panel accuse EEOC of overreach on racism,” Web, Feb. 20)?

If an offender has a criminal record of child molestation, are we to assume that hiring him as a nanny or a teacher is a “business necessity?” If an offender with a criminal record for armed robbery applies to a retail store for employment, should we jump for joy at this store not demonstrating a “business necessity” for conducting a background check?

It is now known that several criminals (murderers and child molesters included) are already teaching in our institutes of higher learning. Perhaps we should look into why certain people seem to gravitate toward unlawful activities. That would seem to be a win-win situation. The attitiude of “we are the world and we love and will hire anyone” makes us the United States of stupid.


Silver Spring



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