- - Wednesday, February 26, 2014


There is a debate going on in America, and its outcome will greatly affect our religious liberties (“Pressure mounts over Arizona bill opposed by gays,” Web, Feb. 24). A Christian-owned bakery in Oregon refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple because of the owner’s faith, which views homosexual “marriage” as a sin (as so stated in numerous places in the Bible). Because of an Oregon ruling, the bakery faces hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and has had to close its doors.

In a free country, if a business refuses services based on their religious beliefs, be it a church, a baker or a photographer, that business would suffer perhaps a loss of revenue. If it was a substantial loss, they would be forced out of business. That’s how free-market enterprise works. However, a business owner should not be slapped with enormous fines or jail terms because of his religious beliefs.

Would a Muslim or Jewish caterer be required by law to prepare pork at a Christian wedding? I don’t think so. It is un-American for the government to go after Christian businesses for conducting their business in accordance with their faith.


Berwyn Heights



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