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Fourteen years ago, I sought the facts about Earth’s changing temperatures. In the 1970s the “news” was that the actions of man were going to cause the Earth to freeze. Then in the 2000s it was that Earth was going boil.

I searched for a website where I could learn Earth’s actual temperature. A credible site produced by NASA in October 2000 popped up: the NASA Science site science1.nasa.gov.

Ice ages can occur in periods during which Earth’s temperature is below 17 degrees Celsius, or 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit. A graph on the site demonstrates that for some 400 million years of the 600 million years shown, Earth’s temperature has been above 17 degrees Celsius, without any ice. National Geographic sent a research ship to the Bering Sea in 2005 to sample the sea bed. It found the sea bed had been a verdant swamp millions of years ago with no ice. Given that this and similar charts are readily available for any citizen to discover, how can we give any credence to those who say humans are responsible for climate change?

Based on this and similar charts, for another 5 million to 15 million years, our solar system, Earth included, will continue its orbit in the Milky Way. Our solar system’s orbit will likely re-enter areas of cosmic cooling; these “ice ages” occur about every 150 million years when Earth’s average temperature drops to about 12 degrees Celsius. In reality, they provide very habitable weather in the middle latitudes.

All of human evolution has occurred within the current “ice age” period that began some 40 million years ago. Every 130,000 years or so the ice advances toward the equator.



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