- - Thursday, February 27, 2014


It shouldn’t be a surprise that there is a “rare polio-like disease” infecting California children (“Polio-like illnesses called a ‘rare phenomenon,’ ” Web, Feb. 25). Legal immigrants to the United States receive thorough physical examinations — including X-rays and all the required shots — before they enter this country. Illegal aliens, whether they be adults or children, receive no such medical examinations.

People of the United States have no idea what diseases maybe brought into this country by those who elude the medical tests required of legal immigrants. California has a few million illegal aliens. The U.S. Public Health Service should be looking at similiar diseases in those nations from which many of the illegal aliens come. There it may find ground zero for this “rare polio-like diease.” Let us hope the U.S. Public Health Service does not practice political correctness like other parts of the federal government. Political correctness never cured anything.





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