- The Washington Times - Friday, January 17, 2014

Actress, author and animal-rights activist Pamela Anderson could be making an appearance in Richmond next week — if the sponsor of a state bill intended to curb puppy trafficking has his way.

State Sen. Chap Petersen, Fairfax Democrat, told radio show host John Fredericks earlier this week that he “could neither confirm nor deny” rumors that Ms. Anderson, former star of the TV show “Baywatch,” might be appearing on behalf of his bill.

“I’ll simply say that I do have a bill on pet protection, which is getting a lot of attention and support, and I’m very happy my friends in the Humane Society are supporting this piece of legislation,” Mr. Petersen said. “They’ve asked if some high-profile personalities could help, and I said, ‘Of course,’ and I’ll just leave it at that. Other than that, I cannot confirm nor deny.”

Documents obtained by The Washington Times, however, show that Mr. Petersen made a formal request to the former Playboy model this week. 

“I am writing to you first as an admirer of your work as an actress and animal-rights activist,” Mr. Petersen wrote in a letter to Ms. Anderson dated Jan. 16. “Your work portraying C.J. Parker on ‘Baywatch’ was so inspiring to me, that if I were not a legislator, I may have become a lifeguard.”

Mr. Petersen goes on to describe the bill, which would impose civil liabilities on stores or individuals who sell sick or dying puppies to consumers. He offered that the actress could provide a short statement in support of the bill.

Ms. Anderson has been involved with the animal-rights advocacy group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for decades. According to her biography on the talent agency ICM Partners’ web site, she’s conducted campaigns condemning the commercial fur industry and “was instrumental in a campaign against fast-food chain KFC in which they eventually agreed to improve living and slaughter conditions for birds and eventually introduced a faux-chicken sandwich at locations in Canada,” among other efforts. 

Ms. Anderson is a native Canadian, but has dual citizenship in the U.S.

Mr. Petersen, who ran the New York City marathon this year, went on to compliment Ms. Anderson for doing likewise.

“I didn’t see you during the race but [it’s] nice to know you were running the same streets,” he wrote. “I was pleased to read you completed the marathon. What a great accomplishment!”

A representative for Ms. Anderson could not immediately be reached for comment.




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