- - Friday, January 17, 2014


News flash, America: the United States is no longer a great world power, let alone a superpower. Our military will continue to face budget cuts that will require significant reductions in our war-fighting forces and their weapons. Why? So we can pay for ever-growing social entitlements, the most recent addition being Obamacare.

The Obama administration has chosen to conduct criminal investigations to seek out and attempt to bring to trial the terrorists who attacked our diplomatic facilities and killed our officers in Benghazi and other locations. The administration would go through our criminal courts, rather simply hunt down these murderous terrorists and kill them.

President Obama’s spineless foreign policy has given our enemies hope and our foreign allies and friends good reason to doubt our promises to come to their aid in the face of aggression.

This administration would rather spy on Americans than confront our enemies, and it’s willing to spend the nation into a debt crisis in order to have an excuse for even greater invasions of our privacy.

These things have all been allowed to take place on the watch of a president who has no interest in the military as a deterrent to aggression. Mr. Obama seems to have a distaste for military action so profound as to be indistinguishable from cowardice. The sad result: Our enemies no longer fear us, and our friends can no longer depend on us. History has shown us that nations in this predicament often lose their freedom of action or their liberty.


U.S. Army (retired)

Chino Hills, Calif.



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