- - Tuesday, January 28, 2014


How long will President Obama continue to treat Americans as mere pawns on his giant economic board game? This administration’s swollen edition of the federal “how to play the game” rule book includes new laws, many in excess of a thousand pages.

Trying to understand the additional tens of thousands of pages of rules, regulations, restrictions and obstacles that have been created since Mr. Obama has taken office leaves us pawns with next to no time to actually take to the field in an attempt to advance down the field, let alone score any points.

However, scoring is no longer supposed to be the objective in a progressive-envisioned, equal-outcome scheme. Now all the players are just supposed to suit up, sit obediently on the bench and cheer Coach Obama’s inspiring pep talks. Rah, rah; go, team.

First, it was “level playing fields,” then “special economic zones” and now “ladders of opportunity.” What next, fast-track “chutes to success” for the uninspired and apathetic? Mr. President, please offer clarification — in 25 words or less — on whether an enterprising individual can legally use a fully subsidized “ladder of opportunity” from the White House hardware store to climb an exclusionary fence in order to escape one of your federally regulated and restricted “special economic zones.”

Why didn’t you just declare the whole country one big special economic zone so all of us, not just our politically chosen few, can be winners?

March Madness is coming on pretty fast, and judging his by past performance, I’m sure our part-time president would rather be picking his brackets than getting his hands dirty installing a new battery into the dead-in-the-driveway jalopy that has become America.


Columbia, S.C.

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