- - Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It’s time to focus comprehensively on what Republicans are no longer doing well. Republicans have stopped teaching people and communities how to be richer, more economically sound and profitable at work. The Democrats are doing this better via greater investment in and control of mainstream conferences, communications and media.

Republicans have stopped aligning themselves with the most influential and successful people in America. The Democrats are doing this better, too — via faster investment in and control of diverse generations of new wealth and influence, especially in Silicon Valley and other hot spots.

Republicans have stopped earning respect and influence in academic and higher-education communities. The Democrats are doing this better, via smarter investment in and control of virtually any place students now gather, at every level and at all ages. Sadly, Republicans have also stopped working as a team.

If conservative candidates, supporters and strategists can unite, come forward and teach all Americans and communities how to become more prosperous, more solid on the job, more influential in today’s media and more academically competitive again, the return on investment of conservative association and voting will tip in a better direction.

Right now, the Democrats seem to have a more popular “association and voting” business model, data dashboard, roster of inducements and overall investment portfolio. So what is the Republican growth strategy going forward?


Palm Beach, Fla.



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