- - Thursday, January 30, 2014


Andrew P. Napolitano’s essay beginning every sentence with “What if” consists of a litany of impeachable offenses by President Obama (“A sorry State of the Union,” Commentary, Jan. 30). Mr. Napolitano paints a vivid picture of the president’s overreaching and usurping of his power against the Constitution of the United States.

It is puzzling to me how Mr. Obama got away with teaching constitutional law for 10 years. Does any former student exist who sat in on his classes and who can testify to the veracity of his teaching that course? He governs like a tyrant in total ignorance of our founding document.

Why is it that not one Democrat in Congress will stand up against Mr. Obama’s power grab? Evidently, party allegiance means more than allegiance to our Constitution.

How can we ever put any trust in any of these Democrats, beginning with Mr. Obama, when they do not keep their oath of office to defend the Constitution? Isn’t it considered a crime to betray one’s oath of office? “What if” no one cared — or did anything about it?


Berwyn Heights



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