- - Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When nature calls, California answers unnaturally. The state’s new “bathroom law” for children took effect last week, to eliminate the remaining modesty between the sexes. This is a California trend worthy of resisting, and the bathroom backlash has begun.

The School Success and Opportunity Act is a first-of-its-kind transsexual rule, which would allow kindergarteners to choose whether to use the little boys’ or little girls’ room, based on their personal preference. The measure would enable a high school boy to join the girls’ soccer team, or a high school girl to try out for the boys’ football team. This could make the huddle more fun, and the locker room embarrassing.

California parents are trying to restore a little sanity. Privacy for All Students, a coalition of opponents, conducted a petition drive to put the law up for a referendum vote in November. They successfully gathered 620,000 signatures — far more than the required 505,000 — but election officials trying to suppress the referendum turned away couriers with thousands of last-minute signatures to meet the deadline.

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner issued a preliminary ruling Thursday ordering that the rejected signatures be included in the qualifying count. He agreed with the Pacific Justice Institute that Secretary of State Debra Bowen and other election officials wrongly disallowed signatures by cutting off filing too soon. State officials are expected to announce on Wednesday whether the requirements for a statewide referendum have been met. If they do, California voters can decide in November whether the law stands.

There’s no epidemic of transsexual kindergartners puzzled by the choice of bathrooms, though you never know what’s next from California. This “solution” in search of a problem is the work of certain feminists, transsexuals and their usual confused confederates who want to further chip away at the traditional culture, which they regard as an “archaic social construct.” They regard the obvious physical differences between the sexes as irrelevant, and want to enable Jack to identify himself as Jill if and when he feels like it, and vice versa.

The California way to deal with children confused about their sexual identity is to confuse the kids who aren’t. Kindergarteners, like all 4-year-olds, don’t think much about sexuality, so certain grown-ups are eager to do it for them, imposing “urges” that run counter to biology but conform to the desires of transsexual parents who want their children to follow them into their addled lifestyle. Certain older children have already been subjected to extreme measures to ensure compliance. One lesbian couple arranged for their 11-year-old son Tommy to receive hormone-blocking treatment, delaying puberty, to enable them to raise him as their daughter Tammy. For such couples, it’s not about freedom of choice, but using the force of government to promote a fringe lifestyle so the grown-ups, so-called, can admire themselves.

California has more than its share of ginks and nuts who foolishly assume that anything different is better. The culture war inevitably spreads to toilets and locker rooms. We wish success to parents who still distinguish natural from unnatural. They’re on the side of sanity.

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