- - Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome to the Rusty Humphries Rebellion. In this briefing, I continue with my Icons and Inspiration series.

Tom Wilson is an old friend of mine whoM I hate introducing as “Biff from ‘Back To The Future’” He’s done many other roles, but his work as Biff was so iconic and just so good that people feel a deep connection with him (and no, he’s not a “butthead” in real life).

Tom is an exceptional actor; you don’t even realize it’s him when you see him on TV or in movies. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Michael J. Fox are all OK, but you never forget it’s them, in whatever role they play.

In this wide-ranging, funny and insightful interview, we talk about his roles in “Back To The Future” I, II and III, his family connection to the Civil War, Johnny Carson, Hollywood stories and American culture. If you love “Back To The Future,” you must hear “The Question Song” in Part 2.

In Part 3, we talk about his time on the air with Johnny Carson, the tuba and Tom Wilson’s new book, “The Masked Man.” It’s a clever and uniquely written fictional autobiography in which he tells his true-life story to Clayton Moore, the actor who was tormented late in life by the owners of “The Lone Ranger” trademark. Most important, how do you make it though these tough times?

The book and this interview are a must for any “Back To The Future” or Hollywood fan who wants to hear the inside story from a guy “who just wants to work and raise his family.”

(I loved the audio version of “The Masked Man,” now available at Audible.com).

Be sure you check out this briefing with “Col.” Tom Wilson, and I’ll see you next time on The Rusty Humphries Rebellion.

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