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Does America truly have a border problem or have we become so complacent, so soft and so focused and involved with our own personal lives, that we have collectively lost our ability to care? It seems when we do recognize a gross injustice or lawlessness even by our own government, we are unable to do the right thing; namely, speak up, get involved and demand recourse.

Look at Congress. Our representatives wring their hands and complain that the president has overreached his constitutional authority (some say more than 25 times in total), but they say they can’t even begin to think about impeachment because the Senate would not convict. That means they would not honor their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution. Other members of Congress say they wouldn’t dare question their colleagues’ patriotism. Well, I will.

Founding Father James Madison said, “The states are the last defense against a tyrannical government.” Recently, however, Texas Gov. Rick Perry lamented that President Obama would not marshal the Texas National Guard and position it on the Mexico-Texas border to prevent or at least stem the tide of illegals. However, in 2003, Mr. Perry created a state homeland security division within his office to handle border issues, and since 2005 the state has funded the program with more than $400 million. So why doesn’t Mr. Perry take action himself? Perhaps it’s because if something were to go wrong, it might hurt him politically for another possible run at the White House. So rather than doing the right thing, he, too, chooses to do nothing.

It has been demonstrated over and over again that we have a president we can’t trust, members of the House and Senate who regard party politics over patriotism, and state governors who will not stand up for states’ rights.

America used to be known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. Now it seems no one cares about sovereignty or freedom. They’d rather just stay home instead.


Lancaster, Ohio

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