- - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I am among those who wish to see impeachment proceedings initiated against President Obama. I do not want Vice President Joe Biden to become president (no rational individual would wish for such a thing), but given the utter lack of integrity that exists in the Senate, I have every confidence that Mr. Obama would not be convicted by those moral cowards.

I want the impeachment action so that it is documented for history and posterity that Mr. Obama’s frequent and flagrant violations of the Constitution and other laws were taken seriously and regarded as being objectionable. Articles of Impeachment would have the value of enumerating this president’s lawlessness, and the vote on the individual articles of impeachment would induce members of Congress to reveal whether they are serious about this being a nation of laws or are instead tolerant of lawlessness and esteem Mr. Obama above the laws of our land.

Given Mr. Obama’s copious violations of his office, it would help to document the scope and extent of the president’s overreach. The sheer volume of impeachable offenses that have taken place during this administration is difficult to appreciate. An authoritative and comprehensive list is needed just to keep the record of its wrongs straight. The leftist masters of mendacity are already crafting false narratives of the history of this administration. Articles of impeachment would be a vital tool for historians who would defend truth in the writing of history.


Vienna, Va.

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