- - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In response to the latest of many reports and lawsuits against Planned Parenthood for failure to report sexual abuse of children, Marie Logsden, vice president of communications at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, said in part: “The well-being of our patients is our highest priority” (“Denver lawsuit accuses abortion clinic of not reporting rape of 13-year-old,” Web, July 11). She also said the staff was trained to be federal- and state-law compliant.

However, in the case of four employees of a Planned Parenthood abortuary in Denver, this training was not effective. This institution is being sued for failing to report to authorities the obvious child abuse in the case of the 13-year-old girl on whom they performed an abortion and to whom they gave birth control. The man who brought the girl in for the abortion was her stepfather, and he allegedly had been abusing her for seven years.

The little girl’s mother said the abortuary ignored a Colorado law requiring they postpone the abortion for 48 hours until they had sent a written notice of the pending abortion to her home. Apparently, no notice was sent.

Indeed, Planned Parenthood has a long record of ignoring child abuse and statutory-rape-reporting laws. This record includes undercover video investigations by Live Action, video recorded over a period of six years, as well as telephone surveys by Life Dynamics, which reveal Planned Parenthood abetting statutory rape across the country.

In Pennsylvania, inspectors found Planned Parenthood’s documented policy contradicted state law, which requires the reporting of statutory rape. The Pennsylvania Department of Health could not say how widespread the Planned Parenthood policy was, but since it was the policy of all Planned Parenthood abortuaries in the Philadelphia area (and in light of the many nationwide reports of Planned Parenthood failing to report rapes), it appears to be Planned Parenthood’s national policy to put its profit above helping abused young girls.

Planned Parenthood needs to stop prolonging the hell these girls are enduring.


Silver Spring

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