- - Thursday, July 17, 2014

This week’s bully has been working overtime to claim the prize and has won it overwhelmingly though his actions and inactions.

Every day, there seems to be another crisis another scandal or another story in the news that was unimaginable just a few years ago.

This bully’s name is almost always associated with the story in some way.

Thanks to the use of his “Bully Pulpit” our southern border is now a sieve, with holes big enough to allow 60,000 illegal children to flow through.

Thanks to actions caused by this bully, children are being sent throughout the country unleashed upon local communities with no concern for the consequences. And since when do we call 20 four-year-old drug dealers and hardened criminals “children”?

Many of these “kiddies” instead of crying to go to Disneyland or college as this week bully as his supports suggest, are having gang fights in the detention centers. (MS-13 is the most notorious Central American gang, but they’ve got a major rival, the 18th Street gang.)

The actions of this bully have left the American people frozen in disbelief, like deer in the headlights, as our nation’s foundations erode.

Scandals, becoming nearly too many to list, are pilling up because of the “ends justify the means” mentality of this weeks Bully.

The IRS unfairly unleashed on conservatives.

VA hospitals letting old soldiers die.

17 trillion in debt, with impossible levels of increased spending

Our economy in shambles

The House of Representatives suing this bully for stealing Constitutional powers from them like it’s lunch money.

This bully is doing everything in his power to throw a monkey wrench into traditional Americans values. America was founded on Judeo/Christian values, but today they are labeled hate speech.

The bullying tactics of this week’s winner are unprecedented in American history.

For a complete lack of concern for the American people, our laws, our jobs and our economy.

For the bullying tactics currently being used against some of our closest allies around the world.

For abusing the powers loaned to you by the American people.

For gross mismanagement of our national treasure, squandered on pet projects, abusive homeland spying and a disgusting amount of vacation and party time paid for by the same people you are bullying…


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