- - Friday, July 18, 2014


Why does Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley aspire to do for the nation what he’s done for Maryland (“Gov. Martin O’Malley ‘seriously considering’ run for president,” Web, July 15)?

According to a Gallup state poll of June to December 2013, 47 percent of Marylanders said they would move to a different state if they could. Only Illinois (50 percent) and Connecticut (49 percent) ranked higher for resident dissatisfaction. Why is this?

When Mr. O’Malley speaks about the accomplishments of his administration, why doesn’t he mention the surge in heroin use in Baltimore? Did I mention the state of the city’s public schools?

The next president can expect a continuation of political gridlock in Washington unless the new president can persuade Congress to address major problems facing the middle class. Mr. O’Malley’s progressive agenda may capture the imagination of a faction of Democratic voters, but it will not stir the imagination of the American public.

The next president will need a voter mandate. A progressive agenda by itself won’t repair the nation’s bridges and highways, craft a credible foreign policy or rein in deficit spending.


Chevy Chase



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