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The tragic loss of life that was the result of last week’s downing of a Boeing 777 over Ukraine makes me reflect on our July 3, 1988, shooting down of an Iranian airliner (“Malaysia MH17 blame game: Haunting audio shows separatists shocked they shot down civilians,” Web, July 18). In the 1988 incident a U.S. Navy ship, the USS Vincennes, was responsible for the loss of 290 souls.

It appears that Fox News is upset with President Obama for not going to Defcon 2 to scare Russian President Vladimir Putin. Fox also seems to want to precipitate a war with Russia over Syria. As much as I detest many of the actions taken by Mr. Obama, he seems rightly hesitant to subject his pretty daughters to nuclear war. Frankly I’d prefer that he raise campaign funds from his supporters than get into a metaphorical arm-wrestling contest with Mr. Putin.

Fox News personalities also brought up Russia’s downing of Flight 007 on Sept. 1, 1983, which occurred when a Boeing 747 strayed into Russian air space. We now know that U.S. Air Force RC-135 surveillance aircraft had been flying similar courses farther out and may have been in the area, using 007 as a shield. Had the scrambled Russian jets had more fuel, they would not have had to make the decision to fire so quickly and may have been able to divert the aircraft out of the area.

I appreciate Fox News giving us news the other networks purposely refrain from telling us. As a big boy, I can also tell when it is up to no good.


Towanda, Pa.

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