- - Wednesday, July 2, 2014


President Obama is up to his neck in the IRS scandal. This is Chicago thug-style politics used by the Daley machine for years. All those involved in this scandal should be prosecuted.

When Mr. Obama made his appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, I emailed Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, and complained that these appointments were illegal. She replied to me that Congress was in recess and that Mr. Obama didn’t violate any laws. After the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that Congress was not in recess, and Mr. Obama violated the law once more, I think one senator should ask Mrs. Feinstein if she still thinks Mr. Obama’s appointments were legal.

I am going to email her again and ask her this: “Honorable senator, do you stand by your original reply to me that Congress was in recess when Obama appointed three fellow donors to the NLRB?” I suspect she will attack the Supreme Court for not playing along with Mr. Obama violating our Constitution.


Santa Maria, Calif.



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