- The Washington Times - Monday, July 21, 2014

Hamas terrorists strapped explosives to the underbelly of a donkey and sent it toward a grouping of Israeli troops in the southern city of Rafah over the weekend, forcing soldiers to unleash fire and kill the beast.

Israeli Security Agency officials tipped off soldiers to the potential for Hamas to “strap explosives to animals and send them in the direction of ground forces,” Israel Defense Forces reported, the New York Post said.

IDF also said: “Sending an animal to its death to serve terrorist purposes may seem shocking but … [this] wasn’t the first time Palestinian terrorists adopted this despicable tactic.”

In 1995, Israel officials reported that a Hamas militant actually rode a donkey that had explosives tied on its back toward a group of Israeli soldiers. Ultimately, the donkey and Hamas terrorist were killed; the Israeli soldiers weren’t hurt, the New York Post reported.

The IDF has also reported that Hamas is beginning to use dogs, as well as donkeys, for the bomb suicide missions.



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