- - Monday, July 21, 2014

Temperatures are rising both outside your home and inside the Beltway.
With President Obama’s poor reasoning and decision-making skills catching up to him, a new poll from Quinnipiac University reveals that many Americans believe Barack Obama is the worst president in 70 years.

In an attempt to lighten the mood of Americans and in the sprit of “Christmas in July,” my old friend — musical satirist Rob “Iceman” Izenberg — has come up with a new parody. (Be sure to click on the video above to hear the song.)

“He’s the Worst President in 70 Years”
(Parody of “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by Andy Williams)
Written and produced by Rob “Iceman” Izenberg

He’s the worst president in 70 years
There’s been nothing by scandal
Barack has mishandled
What’s happening here
He’s the worst president in 70 years
His views on immigration
His constant vacations
Obamacare’s giving us grief
I.R.S. and Benghazi
It looks like Mitt Romney
Would have been a much better chief
A better chief
He’s the worst president in 70 years
And if Hillary’s winning
While liberals are grinning
We will be in tears
She’ll be the worst president in
Just like he’s the worst president in
They’ll be the worst presidents in … 70 years!

In your opinion, has there been a worse president in U.S. history?

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