- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Israel on Tuesday continued to fire back at Hamas terrorists in Gaza, striking overnight five mosques and a sports complex while bringing the death toll to more than 500.

Seven Israeli soldiers were killed on Monday, Israel Defense Forces reported, USA Today said.

And one soldier has reportedly gone missing; his fate is still unclear, USA Today said. Israel, meanwhile, denies a soldier was kidnapped.

Diplomatic efforts to bring about peace are ongoing — though Hamas has already broken two cease-fires that were previously forged.

“We have a serious concern about the number of Palestinian deaths and the loss of Israeli lives,” said President Obama, speaking about the efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry to broker an “immediate cessation of hostilities” akin to the 2012 deal.

“There are enormous passions involved,” Mr. Obama said, USA Today reported. “Difficult, strategic issues are involved.”



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