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It’s an old joke to say “military intelligence” is an oxymoron, but now there’s a new oxymoron that’s no laughing matter — “atheist chaplain” (“Humanists seek support from Congress on military chaplains,” Web, July 22).

Why on God’s green earth would an atheist even want to join the military? To fight for God and country?

The atheists are pushing so hard for their own military “chaplains,” but what is an atheist “chaplain” going to do? He won’t pray with the troops. He won’t lead a worship service. No, the reason the atheists are so eager to get “chaplains” into the military is so they can sow seeds of doubt in the minds of all the religious troops. The atheists are on the march for recruits so they want to go where the “recruits” are — our military. Now these anti-God activists are trying to rebrand their cause by calling themselves “humanists” instead of what they really are — atheists.

The very term “humanist” is a joke. Let’s face it: What have the “humanists” — that is, the atheists — ever done for humanity? They don’t believe in anything greater than themselves, so why should they sacrifice anything for the greater good? No, throughout history, it’s been people of faith who have made sacrifices — sometimes even their own lives — to protect humanity and build up civilization. What does an atheist ever sacrifice? Nothing.

The atheists are out for themselves and only themselves, because atheism is a totally self-centered and selfish way of thinking. That’s why I’m calling on all faithful Americans to do two things that will absolutely infuriate the atheists: First, join me in praying for them, so God will turn their hardened hearts to Him. Then call or write your U.S. representatives to urge support for H.R. 343, the Pray in Jesus’ Name Act. Atheists act like they’re the persecuted minority. Not true. Right now, a Christian chaplain can’t even utter the name “Jesus” in certain settings without fear of reprisal. This legislation, authored by Rep. Walter B. Jones, North Carolina Republican, would fix that.

The organization I lead, In God We Trust, has collected 172,567 petition signatures in support of this bill. If people are concerned about military chaplains, this is where they ought to focus their attention. The petition is online at ingodwetrustusa.org.


Chairman, In God We Trust


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