- - Friday, July 25, 2014


Wake up, Maryland. The Vehicle Miles Traveled tax is very real and headed for our state. Don’t let the Maryland Democrats fool you — similar legislation has already been implemented in Oregon and a pilot program is planned in California.

Can you imagine having a GPS tracker installed in your car that would monitor every mile you drive so that Maryland can charge you a mileage tax? We already pay more than 27 cents per gallon in gas taxes to the state, with another 3.5-cent increase slated for January 2015. By 2020, the Maryland Democrats want to track, monitor and charge us for the miles we drive in addition to this ridiculously high gas tax.

The Maryland Democrats who support this tax say it would help cut emissions and discourage driving. How many of us need to drive over an hour to work each day to support our families? If you work in Washington, driving from the southern part of the county is approximately 65 miles. Let’s say the VMT tax is five cents per mile. That’s $6.50 a day, $32.50 per week, $130 per month and $1,560 per year in addition to the gas taxes you’re already paying. Can you afford $130 per month of your hard-earned money going to the state of Maryland?

In 2014, Maryland Republicans supported House Bill 277, which prohibits a mileage tax. Maryland Democrats wouldn’t even let it out of committee — so nobody could vote on it. The Democrats want to tax hardworking Marylanders for the miles we drive. This VMT tax is no good for Maryland.


Prince Frederick, Md.



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