- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, fresh from rehab and ostensibly off the crack pipe, was captured by camera on a seesaw and swing at a children’s playground — one of the first of no-doubt political props he’ll use for his re-election campaign.

Mr. Ford was at the dinosaur-themed playground to mark its official opening, the New York Daily News reported. But he didn’t hesitate to jump in the fun, hoisting his somewhat hefty body atop the comparatively small seat of a child-sized seesaw, with his similarly sized City Council brother, Doug Ford, assuming the counter position.

The two then tried to scale a climbing frame, but needed assistance from the park’s younger users, the New York Daily News reported.

Mr. Ford, who’s making a run again for the mayoral office but just recently emerged from rehab for drinking and drug issues — and is still battling a public relations problem rooted in the worldwide reports of his crack smoking — took advantage of the playtime to tout a political platform: More play space for kids.

“We will continue to create more green spaces and playgrounds,” Mr. Ford said, the Toronto Sun reported. “[I’m] committed to continue to fix up our parks.”

His vow went over well with at least one 6-year-old.

“There aren’t enough playgrounds in the area, so the more the merrier,” said Georgina Lopez, 6, in the New York Daily News.



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