- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A dress code at a Minneapolis bar has sparked outrage among members of the community who say the bans on certain clothing items seem to be targeted directly at African-Americans.

“Might as well just say, ‘No black folks allowed,’” said one resident, Michelle Horovitz, in The Blaze. “It’s ridiculous.”

She also said: “This is not okay, and we’re not going to patronize you if you don’t change your policy.”

Among the list of banned apparel at Bar Louie’s in uptown Minneapolis: No flat bill hats, no athletic wear, no long plain white t-shirts or sleeveless undershirts. No clothing that’s deemed “excessively baggy” and no “large chains worn outside of shirt,” The Blaze reported.

The bar manager said the dress code came from corporate, but the local KMSP reported that other Bar Louie locations don’t post similar notices.

Another resident said to KMSP about the dress code: “If you do not want African-Americans to frequent your establishment, then maybe you should just say that and not just break it down to the dress code.”



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