- - Wednesday, July 9, 2014


A new Quinnipiac University poll shows the public thinks President Obama is the worst president since World War II (“Hands down, Obama is the worst president since WWII: poll,” Web, July 2). Mr. Obama is the king of pretend peace and the supposed nonviolent priest. He is every soft cliche ever written and an opponent of American exceptionalism because he wants us to recede into the background. He is as soft as mush and as mushy as softball politics. No person or country is afraid of him.

President Reagan was the opposite of Mr. Obama. He believed in small government and military strength, and he is often ranked as the best president. Reagan believed in “peace through strength,” whereas Mr. Obama believes in weakness through peace. Mr. Obama leads from behind.

When I was in college, I was scared of Reagan. I thought that he would lead us into World War III with his hawkish attitude. He didn’t boast like Mr. Obama. Instead, he accomplished. He felled the Berlin Wall and saw to the demise of the Soviet Union. His tax cuts led to a major economic recovery.

Reagan’s modesty led me to expect little, when he brought us so much. If Mr. Obama had any foresight, he would have followed in Reagan’s footsteps instead of dabbling in his phony socialism that is leading to America’s demise.

Mr. Obama started out in a hullabaloo of enthusiasm and love. His policies have left us in a weak, awkward position of failure. He is all talk and failed action.


New York



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