- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The VA Office of Inspector General released a report this week that found a community-based outpatient clinic under the oversight of the Robert J. Dole Medical Center needed to make a series of improvements to ensure it is providing high-quality health care for veterans.

Investigators with the Inspector General’s Office said in their probe of the Parsons Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Parsons, Kansas, that the facility needed to do more to meet “environment of care” requirements and recommended 17 changes to fix the problems.

Among the findings were the following:

• The clinic was not properly maintaining an inventory of hazardous materials and waste used at the facility.

• It did not have a panic alarm system in high-risk areas, such as in mental health clinics.

• There was no evidence that the clinic had performed fire drills at least once a year.

The report also said there was not adequate privacy for women in examination rooms and that the proper testing had not been done on 14 of the 37 patients who had a positive screen for alcohol abuse.

The report was based on a May 5 visit to the Parsons clinic, which is one of six outpatient clinics under the umbrella of the Robert J. Dole Medical Center.



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