- - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

President Obama’s lack of historical perspective continues to amaze me. How did someone like this get to be president of our great nation? He has zero understanding of why the Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment. It is to prevent tyranny. This is one of the reasons we are the greatest country on the planet.

If Mr. Obama thinks Australia, Britain, France, etc., are so great, then I hope he goes and lives in one of those places when we kick him out of the White House (“Obama says America ‘should be ashamed’ of its gun laws,” Web, June 10).

Now we find Mr. Obama bragging about the Australians’ lack of freedom (gun control). In 1968, America was embroiled in civil rights turmoil. Several people I knew were planning to move to Australia to escape the disruption. Why Australia? I don’t know what the rules are now, but in 1968 people of color were not allowed to enter the country. The Australians would tolerate their Aborigines, but outsiders were not allowed. I find it distressing that Mr. Obama is so ignorant about the history of the Australian socialist paradise.


Quincy, Pa.

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