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Barack Obama told us he wanted to fundamentally change America — but he didn’t tell us he wanted to fundamentally change it for the worse. Everything President Obama touches worsens. Our financial condition has deteriorated, our security has been made more perilous, our faith in honest government has been diminished and our dependence on government has grown to alarming levels.

Mr. Obama told us he would create “shovel-ready” jobs. He told us our insurance premiums would go down. He told us we could keep our doctors if we liked our doctors. He told us he would have the “most transparent government” in history, but we still don’t know who all was coaxing the IRS to target his political opponents for disagreeing with his policies. Mr. Obama told us he didn’t know anything about the Justice Department program that was sending guns across the Mexican border, but he has not taken any action to punish those who did know and were responsible.

Mr. Obama told us that the Benghazi attack was caused by a video that very few people had actually ever seen. He told us that story until he was re-elected. His 2012 campaign was built upon a foundation of fraud because the truth would have been very harmful to his election chances.

Mr. Obama has been a poor manager of our money, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the IRS. He has been a poor manager of the Department of Justice. He has failed to lead the members of Congress to resolve bitter, festering differences between political parties. In fact, there is no discernible area of governance that Mr. Obama can claim has improved.

This president is either the most corrupt person to serve in the presidency or the most incompetent. I prefer to think the latter. Even if that were the case, several important departments in Mr. Obama’s Cabinet are indeed corrupt. Mr. Obama, you need to go. You are not honest enough to do this job. Resign.


Sterling, Va.

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