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I recently received a beautifully formatted 10-page bit of propaganda from the Montgomery County Education Association extolling the supreme talents of politicians supported by MCEA union bosses. I can assure you that the rank-and-file educator is not nearly so enthused with the union’s opinions as it would have you believe.

When I look at such a tabloid piece telling me who is the best and that I would be a fool to vote for anyone else, the hackles on the back of my neck stand up and shout, “No way.” The candidates mentioned here and shown may well be nice folks, but they are supported by the union for one reason only: If elected, they will all stand up and salute to any socialist claptrap offered as a tool to “improve” our students’ education. What is really odd is that the educational productivity in our own Montgomery County has been on a downward spiral for decades owing to nepotism, cronyism, socialist bean-counters and county-office-building hangers-on who goose-step rather than march to a different drummer.

Our education system is focused on graduation rather than education, teaching to the lowest common denominator rather than demanding excellence. It uses Common Core rather than common sense and inundates our educators and administrators with bureaucratic horse manure rather than allowing our teachers to teach.

When a score of 59 percent is considered a passing grade, all of our educational efforts have gone up in smoke. When the lowest grade a student can make on a test, even if the student answers not a single question correctly, is 50 percent, our tax dollars have been wasted. When grade manipulation by edict is used to make a student feel good rather than feel accomplished, then it is time to sweep the halls clean and start from scratch.

As a Montgomery County resident and taxpayer, I want educators who will push back against the union. I want administrators who will say no to dumbed-down curriculum and grade fabrication. The opportunity to fail in the classroom is a right of every student. Graduation should not be a free ticket for failure.

When I go to the polls I will not vote for a gubernatorial candidate or county executive who marginalizes the efforts of U.S. citizens and valued legal guests in favor of illegal aliens with no right to be in this country. I suggest to my fellow Maryland residents that when they cast their ballots, they only consider those candidates in District 5 for County Council and for District 17 in the state Senate. There, the union has not offered any recommendations. Maybe there our residents will find politicians who really care about our students’ educational paths.



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