- The Washington Times - Friday, June 20, 2014

A dead great-grandmother is no excuse for going through a red light during a funeral procession for one cop in Alexandria, Va.

A policeman pulled over a couple in early June for the infraction, which caused them to miss a burial.

“My brother-in-law behind us was actually pulled over for running a red light,” Heather Spinner told a local station Monday. Sgt. Seth Weinstein told the woman that her brother-in-law’s behavior after being stopped was the reason for the extended delay.

“When someone is burying a family member, they’re very raw and emotional. At what point do you give that as much consideration as you do the fact that the person approaching that person is a law enforcement officer?” Mrs. Spinner added of the incident with her brother-in-law, R.G. Spinner. The man had been waving his funeral procession tags out the window of his car.

“We missed the burial. I mean my husband and brother-in-law were pallbearers … By the time we got to the cemetery, it had already happened. So there’s nothing we can do to get that back at this point,” she told the local station.

R.G. Spinner has a summons to appear in court June 18. A member of the Alexandria Police force told the station that it would review the red light tape and decide if the violation would stand.



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