- - Tuesday, June 24, 2014

​President ​Barack ​Obama​’s crazy disregard for our immigration laws has turned America into an asylum.

Obama​ says he’s putting more resources ​into an effort to deal with the​ flood of illegal aliens. But it’s not about stopping the flood, it’s not about keeping them out and it’s not about sending them home.​

It’s about another coverup.​

​Instead, those tens of thousands overwhelming our border are likely here to stay,​ and he’s helping make sure that happens.​ Latest reports say most are young men  in their teens who heard they can get amnesty and jobs in America.​ Obama is making those rumors come true.​

​The extra people ​being sent ​to the border to deal with the surge are tasked by the president not with reversing the trend but with processing everyone more quickly. The quicker they​ can be processed out of temporary centers and spread all over the country, the less glaring the problem is. ​It becomes a coverup. ​ ​Without the images of huddled masses, the story goes away — or so goes the White House thinking. And whatever the White House thinks, the Democrats and media fall in line.

So the feds rush resources to process the mass of illegal aliens and unite them with their relatives who are already in America — even when those ​family members are also here illegally. None of them gets deported.​ It’s this year’s version of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

It would be cheaper to buy plane tickets to send these new arrivals back to their home countries. Instead, our government advertises for contractors to escort them into our heartland states, even chartering planes or providing commercial airline tickets if that’s what it takes. Anything to hide the problem by dispersing it widely.

In theory, people may be told to show up for deportation hearings. Wink, wink, nod, nod. In fact, the Department of Justice says it’s ready to spend taxpayer money to provide them lawyers. Their message is to claim asylum because it’s too lawless and dangerous to return to Central America. Never mind that taxpayer money isn’t supposed to pay to provide lawyers to illegal immigrants. Again it’s wink, wink, nod, nod.

​Now it’s becoming dangerous to live in America where Obama won’t enforce our laws. But we have no place to go to claim asylum. With Obama’s crazy disregard for our laws, it feels like we’re already IN the asylum.

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