- The Washington Times - Friday, June 27, 2014


The Clinton comeback tour is not going exactly as planned.

“Clintons taking turns explaining family fortune only worsens their PR problem,” says Mediaite columnist Joe Concha, who has followed the trajectory of the Clinton wealth matter since it first surfaced some two weeks ago, at the start of Hillary Clinton’s much-ballyhooed book tour.

“First it was Hillary. Then Hillary again. Then Chelsea. Back to Hillary. And now Bill,” he notes, framing the wealth dance as a “bizarre start to their reintroduction tour.” Mr. Concha also cites a glaring, basic factor.

“The Clintons should be so much better than this. Seasoned pros. Meticulous prep. No unforced errors. No amateur hours. Diane Sawyer got the first crack at Hillary on her book/media tour. She asked a question around wealth Mrs. Clinton never saw coming. And ever since then, each Clinton has broken the golden rule of politics: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

And now for the numbers. Mrs Clinton’s book, “Hard Choices,” meanwhile, has been eclipsed by Ed Klein’s “Blood Feud” - which chronicles the Clinton-Obama family rivalry - on the Amazon best-seller list. Among all books, Mr. Klein’s is ranked No. 3; Mrs. Clinton’s is No. 34.

But to be fair, Mrs. Clinton did reach the top spot in the “women’s studies” and “gender” categories on Amazon.



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