- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 5, 2014


Ronald Reagan was an optimistic man of the people with a sense of history and a respect for the most basic founding values of America. It is no surprise, then, that an active Washington Times poll reveals that at least six-out-of-10 readers say that Reagan would have aligned himself with the tea party.

An average 62 percent of the 5,000-plus respondents in the online survey voted for the tea party as the branch of the Republican Party that Reagan would have favored, if he were alive today.

Another 20 percent said he would have identified s a “social conservative” while 10 percent felt that Reagan was a RINO - “Republican in name only.” Seven percent said he would have identified as a neo-conservative.

Have an opinion? Go vote. The popular interactive poll, which was created May 23,  is still available. Find it here

The tenth anniversary of Reagan’s passing, incidentally, is Thursday,



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