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Viewers tuning in to C-SPAN 2 on Monday night and going into the wee hours of Tuesday morning might have thought they had stumbled into a sci-fi channel. The apocalyptic language from the Senate Democrats’ all-night chat about global warming was the stuff familiar to fans of B-movies and science fiction.

Two dozen Democrats signed up to keep the Senate lights on and the cameras rolling through the night — dramatically increasing the Senate’s usual titanic carbon footprint — to rally support for legislation to tax carbon dioxide. The famous Sen. Beauregard Claghorn would have been impressed.

The Senate Climate Action Task Force all-nighter had been in the works for months to exploit what Sen. Barbara Boxer of California calls “a catastrophe unfolding before our eyes.”

After a winter of knee-deep snow and record-breaking chills, Democrats felt compelled to point out that the frozen planet was actually too hot. Only sometimes it’s too cold. When the temperature is unpleasant always blame “climate change.”

Despite the dire gasbaggery about catastrophes in the making, the actual facts aren’t alarming. Since 1996, temperatures have remained steady despite the increase in “greenhouse gases” that are the natural product of industrial and economic success.

The lack of warming is, however, catastrophic for the effort to sell the public on the need to “do something” to pump up the scam. A late January poll by The Wall Street Journal-NBC News found “addressing climate change” dead last among 13 issues of concern to respondents, with just a bit more than 25 percent finding the topic important, and far behind “creating jobs” and “reducing the deficit.”

What Democrats had planned with their all-night blab was not a filibuster. They were not standing up to powerful party leaders, like Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

They can’t even complain they’re denied a vote on their various legislative schemes to exploit the global warming scam. Democrats have full control of the Senate, and Harry Reid even uses the “nuclear option” to protect Democrats from the filibuster. There’s nothing particularly valiant about a group of 24 chatting around-the-clock on the Senate floor.

With so many participants at hand, there weren’t even sore throats and aching feet. Participants didn’t have to worry about growing fatigue, as in similar demonstrations when speakers droned on a little while, then passed the baton in relay-race fashion, and hurried out for a burger and fries.

Republicans have engaged in a similar stunt, and when they did the Democrats complained. A year ago, Sen. Rand Paul filibustered for 13 hours against the Obama administration’s use of unmanned aerial drones to kill the innocent with the evil, and his opposition to the nomination of John O. Brennan to head the CIA.

Sen. Ted Cruz spent 21 hours talking on the Senate floor about the unfolding problems with Obamacare. Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, a Democrat, called it “theater of the absurd at its worse.” Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri sneered that “I think [Sen. Ted Cruz] thinks he’s part of a movie. He’s using the floor to promote himself.” (Senators never do that.)

We don’t expect to hear these particular senators, who aren’t members of the climate task force, to similarly sneer at the all-night self-promotion session of their Democratic colleagues.

It says a lot that the Senate Democratic majority, with the votes to pass anything, is more interested in talking about global warming, than actually doing anything about it.

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