- - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

(From Rusty’s Humphries’ videocast)

Dear Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:

You have a pretty bumpy relationship with us conservatives and tea party people as of late. You said you wanted to “crush us everywhere” in the primaries this year. (That wasn’t very nice.) Then you said, you’re “a big supporter of the tea party and the conservative change it’s bringing to Washington.”

I’ve met with you, Sen. McConnell, a couple of times. You were a nice guy and very gracious with your time, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and call you a tea party guy. The rest of the Republican leadership doesn’t seem to like us much, maybe you’ll put in a good word.

I have a message for you Republican establishment guys: There’s a chance you’ll be the majority party next year … But you wanna get real, Sen. McConnell? You Republicans can’t do it without us. Brush us off … you’re going to lose.

You see, a lot of people in the tea party never voted before they got involved. And now they need to believe they aren’t wasting their time by voting for you Republicans. And lately, you haven’t been giving them much to go on. We need to see some action. We want more than just a 5 percent discount on Democrat promises.

You wanna know what we in the tea party and other conservatives want you to do?


Oh, yeah! Fight hard, fight mean, fight a little dirty!! You don’t see Democrats throwing away big chunks of their base, do you? NO! … and they don’t care how kooky they are.

Occupy Wall Street, pro-abortion, dopers … Look at the gun control activists. They pretty much ruined Obama’s second term right at the start. But have Democrats turned against them? NO! Have they treated Sen. Dianne Feinstein like a leper because she might just cost them a few seats in 2014? NO! Why?? They NEVER give up on what they want. They salute Dianne Feinstein for her courage … the same way the GOP leadership should be saluting Sen. Ted Cruz for TRYING to save America from Obamacare, or Sen. Rand Paul for standing up against Big Brother.

Oh, that’s right: You worked against Rand Paul during his Senate run, didn’t you? Well he won anyway. And instead of welcoming him, instead of working with the way he connects with young voters, you’re treating him and the rest of the tea party folks like we’re an invading army.

And what do we always hear? … You’re going to fight “next time.” The next budget, the next debt ceiling, right after the election … Well, guess what? … “Next time” is NOW!

We were right about Obamacare and you need to remind EVERYBODY. It’s time for your big ideas, and Sen. McConnell, YOU need to be inspirational! You want to see some inspiration? Try skipping a GOP leadership meeting every once in a while and hit a tea party rally instead. They’re fired up.

We could sure use all the organization skills and money you in the establishment can bring. A lot of us don’t like to admit it, but we need you, too. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

What’s the difference between an “extremist” and a “visionary?” The names they get called by their party and its leaders.

Sen. McConnell, the Democrats are the past. Your brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews in the Rebellion — WE are the future. You do what’s right and we’ll back you … Continue down the path you’ve been on at your own political peril. It’s time to stand up … It’s now or retirement time and that’s up to you!

Members of the Rebellion, do you agree with my message to Sen. McConnell or not? Comment right here at The Washington Times, and I’ll make sure his office gets your comments.

Until next time, my brothers and sisters, this is The Rusty Humphries Rebellion.

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