- - Thursday, March 13, 2014


The small atheist group whose pursuit is to remove every cross and Christian vestige in America is very disturbing (“Dismantling the cross dishonors the fallen,” Commentary, March 13).

Its latest attempt is to have the Peace Cross in Bladensburg dismantled. This is a landmark that since 1925 has honored the World War I dead in the county in which I live.

The atheist group claims it “shocks” and “upsets” them to see the cross. Perhaps a couple of military campaigns in Afghanistan would make them feel differently.

Why is it always the few grumblers who are allowed to dictate to the masses? Why should we have to cater to those handfuls of intolerant persons simply because something offends them?

If they win, this matter won’t end with the removal of the Peace Cross. The group’s next will be to eradicate “In God We Trust” from our currency, an undertaking they have been attempting for years.

If they have their way we will have to raze the Washington Monument and sandblast the quotes from the Bible off the walls of the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials.

The federal buildings in Washington will have to have expunged the biblical writings etched on their massive walls, too. Rows of crosses will have to be removed from Arlington National Cemetery and every public cemetery and memorial in America.

When the nefarious plans of the American Humanist Association are fully accomplished, we will be a God-less nation and America will cease to be blessed. (Humanism, incidentally, is in itself a religion.)

We are getting there, folks. The Founders knew that God would bless a nation that honors Him, and that is the reason this country was established in the name of religious freedom.

Once we no longer acknowledge God as our creator, our nation will eventually cease to exist.


Berwyn Heights



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